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Thursday, June 5, 2014
After attending the Land's End #GetawayTour, I couldn't help but think about my heading to the beach. I'm putting together the core items you will find in my beach/pool bag this summer. Below are just a couple of items you'll find me packing!

My new Land's End tote is TOTALLY coming with me to the beach. So sturdy with many handy compartments!

Here is a close up look at my beach bag essentials!

Swimsuit: Obviously can't go to the beach without a swim suit! This top is from Target last year, but they always have a large selection you can mix and match at affordable prices.

Sunscreen: This is SO important! Find one that you like best and make sure it is at least 30+. Don't forget to reapply through out the day. I'm posting about sun safety soon, so make sure to check back if you are confused on what to look for when purchasing your sunscreen.

Beach Towel: This is also an older item, but it's just a simple towel also found at Target. I suggest using a larger, heavier towel while at the beach to lay on, but bring lighter towels so they will dry quicker if you plan to be in and out of the water.

Water Bottle: Make sure to stay hydrated if you plan to be in the hot sun all day. Bring a couple water bottles in a cooler or a refillable bottle if there is a little beach hut to refill it. You definitely don't want to get dehydrated.

Chapstick: Don't forget chap stick with an SPF in it to help your lips from getting burnt. It will be just as painful as a skin sun burn!

Book/Magazine/Music: Bring some fun items with you to keep you busy and relaxed while you are soaking up the sun. You might just finish a book! If you are looking for something to read, I just started Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer. Perfect summer read (plus pretty to look at)!

Sun Glasses/Hat: My fedora hat is from Kohl's about two years ago and my sun glasses are new from H&M. Love them both! Don't forget to bring something like this to cover your face. You might enjoy the sun at first, but once the day goes on (especially if you feel you are burning... in which case you should re apply sunscreen) you'll be thankful you brought it!

Snacks: You can't take me anywhere with out some snacks. Just like water, make sure you keep eating through out the day so you don't get sick and feel refueled. Stick some fruit in the cooler or bring items that won't melt together in the sun.

Deodorant/Facewash: If you live further away from the beach like I do or plan to head out to eat right after, bring some face wash, deodorant, or face towels to get you feeling refreshed before heading in for the night. 

Coverup: Bring along a little cover up if you are heading out after the beach or if you want to stay a little more covered on the beach. There are so many cute options in stores right now that it will be hard to pick just one! Hey, that means more trips to the beach, right?

Have you done a post about your beach bag essentials or do you have items you can't live with out while at the beach? Share below!

2 comments on "BEACH BAG ESSENTIALS"
  1. I fell in love with both the books from the #getawaytour!! Love your cobalt blue bikini top!!

  2. They are great, and thank you! It was from Target last year. Seem to always have one or two good finds there!