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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
I'm very excited to share with you a campaign a new friend, Maya, from Charmingly Styled asked me to participate in. The #RealBloggerBeauty campaign is about the huge pressure that comes with blogging - the insecurities and imperfections to always have a picture perfect image, whether on our blogs or through social media like Instagram. It's important to remember, blogger or not, that no one is perfect and it's time we celebrate our beautiful imperfections.

I'm still in the process of coming up with what I will post on June 16th, but I do have a few things in mind. I've definitely had insecure moments in my college career (and post!), and I really think it will take a little bit more of my time to decide what I will share with you all in the coming weeks.  No matter what I decide, I'm confident that it will take meaning with someone, somewhere so that we can be in this together!

If you are interested, we would love for you to join us by posting your story on June 16th, too. No matter the topic - insecurities, a charity, a social issue - we'd love for you to share. A link up will be posted on Charmingly Styled so we can swap words of encouragement and read everyone else's stories. If you aren't blogging but still want to follow along, just look for the posts with #RealBloggerBeauty and find some inspiration and if you are participating, I'd love to hear how below! :)


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