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Monday, April 28, 2014
First, I have to admit - I am not a huge makeup junkie. I buy the basics and splurge on very little, but I do do my makeup almost everyday unless I am just chilling at my house or plan to do physical activity. AKA... don't be that girl in that gym with a full face of makeup.  Ladies, it's really not worth the effort and zits to follow. Ick. 

So, I thought it would be fun to share the main items that I use as an everyday regime plus or minus a few from my makeup bag. I also like to be very organized and like a cosmetic case with a few pockets for all my items to be separated. The one I am currently using is this cute one from Vera Bradley in Go Wild. It's just the right size and perfect for adding a little extra during travel.

Tarte Blush/Bronzer | NARS Blush | Revlon Photoready Eye Shadow | Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick | Great Lash Mascara |
Urban Decay Eyeliner | Bare Minerals Primer | Neutrogena Moisturizer | Bare Minerals Matte Foundation and Concealer | Bare Minerals Makeup Brushes | Essie Spin the Bottle Polish | Elastic Hair Tie

Here are a list of the items I use in the Steps I apply them:

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Wash - The first thing I always, always do is wash my face. I didn't include it on here, but I used Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Wash. I also use a scrub about 2 times a week to help with blackheads and dry skin. 
Neutrogena Moisturizer - I've used a few versions of this lotion but my favorites are the combination skin and clear skin. They are light, and I only have to use a little which means it lasts a long time.
Bare Minerals Prime Time Primer - I use about a pea size for my whole face. I'm not sure if it actually works well or I just think it does, but I make sure to put this on when I know I will be in makeup all day and I want it to last.
Bare Minerals Matte or Original Foundation - I purchased the Bare Minerals starter kit - it was seriously the best deal! I got the two foundations, matte and original, as part of the kit. I only paid $60 and got a ton of goodies that I know will last a long time. (linked used above is for a similar starter kit, but not the exact same)
Bare Minerals Concealer - This is the secret weapon. It's like an eraser for all facial blemishes. I put this on over trouble spots and under my eyes after my foundation.

Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow  - I love this eyeshadow palette. For someone who isn't very skilled with doing her eye makeup, this is perfect. It tells you exactly where to put the shadow to create a great eye. If I plan to go out for the evening or to a more formal event, I will add black on the outer edge to create a subtle smokey eye.
Great Lash Mascara - Honestly, I bought this mascara because it was the cheapest I could find, but I'm so glad I did! I like it....except that it seems to get under my eyes. I've used water proof mascara by Great Lash before and I like that much better.
Urban Decay Eye Liner or E.L.F Eye Liner - Depending on where I'm headed, I will use a brown color by E.L.F for everyday or the Urban Decay black for evening. E.L.F liquid liner is only a dollar and totally worth it! I received the Urban Decay pencil liner as a free gift from purchasing a certain amount at Sephora. It glides on really nicely.

Tarte Bronzer/Blush Holiday Set- I received this blush/bronzer kit from my sister for Christmas. It's awesome! The blush pigments are excellent and the perfect colors for spring.
NARS Super Orgasm Blush - This was a total splurge purchase. I don't think it's necessary to pay an absurd amount of money for makeup that I will go through so quickly. However, I am taking my sweet time with this blush. I am obsessed with the color and sparkles. It's beautiful and I always pull it out for special occasions!
Revlon Lip Crayon - I bought this color because I was looking for something to wear everyday during the cooler months. Once I got home, it was brighter than I wanted, but now that it's spring, it's a great color for everyday and even has a little bit of shimmer!

Essie Polish - Even though this obviously doesn't go on my face, I have been obsessed with this nude Essie color. It matches everything and makes my nails look great even when they get a little chipped because it's so subtle.
Elastic Hair Tie - My crafty roommate made me a set of these adorable hair ties for Valentine's Day. They are the perfect tie to hold my hair back as I wash my face or do my makeup. It keeps everything back without causing creases when I take it down. Plus, they are a super cute wrist accessory!

What are you favorite spring makeup essentials?


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