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Friday, March 7, 2014

If you haven't heard of the dynamic duo, Karena and Katrina, you're missing out. Recently, they are  famous for their reality TV show on Bravo called Toned Up. It takes a look into their everyday lives while running their fitness business Tone It Up. These girls practically radiate sunlight with their gorgeous locks and fit bods. Karena and Katrina are real-life trainers, best friends and business women. They have over 30 million views on their YouTube channel where they teach fitness moves you can do at home with out all the equipment.

My favorite part about Tone It Up, is the they promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. They aren't pushing you to lose weight, simply just to tone it up! You can do these exercises on your own time, but they keep you up to date via email subscription (which is totally free!). Remember, although these girls look absolutely fabulous (seriously, Women Crust Everyday of the Week aka #WKEW, is that a thing.. it is now?), they do workouts in addition to their youtube videos and have had several years of training.  They are currently finishing up the Love Your Body Series - which I LOVE! Any trainers who look that good that are telling me to be confident, fit and fierce is a group of gals that are keeping me motivated. I've never met them, yet their constant updates and motivational quotes make for a happy day!

Now that you've seen how fab Karena and Katrina look, take a look at some items I am currently crushing that the duo would most definitely approve of!

Gym Shoe | Yoga Shorts | Sports Bra | Workout Tank | Wind Breaker | Half Zip
Leggings | Blue Tank

Follow the dynamic duo on Instagram here! Seriously, do it. I'm obsessed.

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