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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
It's time for the Valentine's Day gift guide! I promise if you read all the way there is even a GIVEAWAY! Usually I am not an excited gal once this love-y dove-y holiday rolls around (lets all laugh at how I spent it last year… the Bachelor and knitting, according to my Twitter), but hey, there is a giveaway! So, if you are looking for something for a friend or boyfriend, hopefully one of these options will give you an idea.

More Sugar! Mug - I'm a big fan of coffee mugs. This is one of the most versatile gifts. You can save or spurge on this item, and if you are feeling creative you can put together a cute package with some goodies inside the mug. Chocolate is always a good idea!

Red Clutch - A fashion accessory can make for a great gift because it's a little bit more than a a smaller accessory but not as big as a whole new wardrobe. You could even stick some lip gloss and a pack of gum in there.

Oreo Print - The SS Print Shop has adorable prints for purchase online. If this one is too mushy for you or maybe you would totally eat the last two Oreos yourself, they have several other options that would be perfect for a best friend (or to keep!).

Red Velvet Cupcake Candle - Candles are also a versatile gift, especially with price. Bath & Body Works usually has awesome sales like buy 3 get 1 which is perfect if you are planning to buy for several people.

Macarons - I loveeee macarons, but I don't love the price. If you are willing to spend a little more, there are several shops in major cities that will ship. Some include, Macaron Cafe in NYC, Lette in California, Sugar Fixe in Chicago, or Milk and Honey in Kansas City.

Prince Charming Shower Gel - Everyone wants their Prince Charming, so why not gift them this adorable Prince Charming Shower Gel for Valentine's Day?

Yoga Mat - Do you know a friend who set some work out resolutions for the New Year? Maybe she would like a new yoga mat to get her back into the work out grind. You could even take a class together!

Comic Book Pillow - If you have a friend who is throwing a little Valentine's Day get together, this pillow from H&M is the perfect hostess and friend gift! I might just have to buy this one for myself.

Nicholas Sparks Limited Edition DVD Collection - If you haven't skipped to the bottom to see the giveaway… well this is it! This has to be the perfect DVD Collection of love stories for Valentine's Day. Grab your girlfriends and enter the giveaway because you could be having a watch party at your house this Valentine's Day!

Heart Earrings - Kate Spade is usually a staple in all of my gift guides. No matter the occasion, there is always something eye catching to purchase. Love these simple earrings for Valentine's Day.

Pink Water Bottle - As a college student, a water bottle is a necessity. This is a glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve to protect it from breaking. The glass design prevents chemicals from entering your drinks (unlike plastic bottles) and helps keep bacteria out.

Beer Making Kit - I saw this on several gift guides for Christmas and thought I had to add it here. What guy wouldn't want to try and make his own beer?!

Imagine Dragons CD - If you aren't sure what to get, a CD is always a safe bet or even a DVD. If you are looking to spend more, you could add a movie theatre gift card or purchase some headphones.

Slippers - Who doesn't love a comfy pair of warm and fuzzy indoor shoes?

Wool Tie - A nice tie can be on the pricier side and sometimes difficult to pick out, but it is a gift where you get to add your personal touch by taking the time to pick it out.

Leather Travel Pouch - This is a nice idea if you know your man travels a lot or maybe if you think he needs to get organized. You could even buy something like this for a friend for her makeup.

Starbucks Gift Card - If you don't think your man would want a coffee or travel mug but you know he loves coffee, get him a gift card and some coffee grounds. That way, he can decide what type of drink to spend it on.

Personalized Flask - I was trying to find something a guy would like equivalent to a water bottle… so a flask it is! This one is even cooler than a regular one because you can personalize it.

iPad Case - It seems like everyone and their mother is getting an iPad these days which means they will probably need a case. There are several web sites and retail outlets selling cases or even Amazon where you are sure to find lots of choices.

Nike Half Zip - A half zip is always a good idea no matter if your man works out or not. Pick a color that would match his favorite sports team or even just one that you think he might wear no matter the occasion.

FunkyChunky Mix - It's food. Need I say more? Everyone loves food.

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