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Friday, July 19, 2013
As I am working on redoing the contents of my blog, I came across a great article about body confidence and why your weight shouldn't matter. Say hello to my first "Lifestyle" piece. Any girl can tell you we have our ups and downs about body image, but The Everygirl does an excellent job at giving us the motivation to move away from the numbers.

"Allow me let you in on a little secret. That number is just a number and it does not mean anything.  It doesn’t define you, it doesn’t represent your worth, and here’s the best part: no one else will ever know what that number is unless you tell them.  For all you know, other people could think you weigh 10 lbs less than you actually do!  And if they did, would that matter? No! It wouldn’t magically make you weigh 10 lbs less. It’s just a perception. How you feel should be only the thing that matters, right? Do your clothes fit? Are you healthy? Do you feel confident in your own skin? If you answer yes to those questions, but for some crazy reason that dreaded number controls how you ultimately measure your progress, then maybe, just maybe, you should back away from the scale. What if you just took a week off from the morning ritual of weighing yourself?  Or, gasp, 30 days?  Or even crazier, what if you threw the scale away?" - The Everygirl

If you are interested to read the remaining, click here.

Minor Dislike: Did they have to suggest we measure ourselves with a measuring tape instead of a scale? How about get ride of the measuring tape and scale? As long as you feel healthy and confident in your skin, you don't need either of those to prove your progress.

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