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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The 2012 American Music Awards celebrated their 40th Anniversary on Sunday, November 18th. The awards go to the most popular artist and albums for the current year. There were several top 40 artists who made an appearance at the award show this year including Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Pink and Usher who opened the show. Take a look at the winners below along with a red carpet recap.

Artist of the year: Justin Bieber
New artist of the year: Carley Rae Jepsen
Pop/rock female artist: Katy Perry (who was not at the show this year. Still not sure why...)
Pop/rock band, duo or group: Maroon 5
Pop/rock album: Justin Bieber, "Believe"
Country female artist: Taylor Swift
Country male artist: Luke Bryan
Country band, duo, or group: Lady Antebellum
Country album: Carrie Underwood, "Blown Away" (I love T Swift, but boy am I glad Carrie finally won something for this album!)
Rap/hip-hop artist: Nicki Minaj
Rap/hip-hop album: Nicki Minaj, "Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded"
Soul/R&B female artist: Beyonce (I didn't see her either!)
Soul/R&B male artist: Usher
Soul/R&B album: Rihanna, "Talk That Talk"
Alternative rock artist: Lincoln Park
Adult Contemporary artist: Adele
Latin artist: Shakira
Electronic dance music artist: David Guetta (New category for 2012!)

Contemporary inspirational artist: tobyMac
With all of these winners there were several artists missing like Katy Perry, Adele, Beyonce, and Shakira.
Neutral Glitz

Hayden Panettiere, Carley Rae Jepsen, Ke$ha, P!nk, and Jennifer Lopez all dressed in grougeous cream or neutral color gown with a little added glitz.

I loved all of these dresses, even Ke$ha's! This is the perfect award show to go for  something glamours but still fun and flirty. I think all of these ladies did a great job accessorizing as well. In this case, adding too much of color pop, besides lip stick, would be too much of a contrast. Well done ladies!
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift arriving at the AMAs.

This dressed is tied for first with Carrie Underwood (see below) as my favorite from the night. I loved this on Swift. She really looked amazing. It was nice to see a fun mini on her, too. She always dresses so tastefully. So gorgeous she had to have her own category!
Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood arriving at the AMA's, preforming "Good Girl", and after the awards
 in a blue ruffled mini.

I should just dedicate my blog to Carrie Underwood because she overpowers the Little Black Blog more than any other artist and celebrity! But, I'm perfectly okay with it since she always look beautiful! She couldn't let another awards show slip by with out an outfit change. She arrive on the red carpet in a beautiful pink/maroon lace turtle neck floor length gown. (talk about adjectives!) Perfect, as usual. Then, she preformed a new favorite, "Good Girl," in a black gown with a high slit. Again, perfect. Last, she could be seen in the crowd and back stage accepting her AMA in a royal blue mini. I wasn't a huge fan of this one, but non the less, she still looked stunning.
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber with his mom arriving at the AMA, preforming an acoustic version of "As Long as You Love Me", and after with Selena Gomez and his mom at an AMA after party.

Hello to my one of my other favorite artists of the night ever, Justin Bieber. Interesting choice for a date considering who his additional date was at the end of the night... (had to throw that picture in) No worries people, the Biebs and Selena Gomez have to be dating. It would be just wrong if they didn't!  Anyways, this kid needs to get some new pants. Period. I'm pretty sure he hasn't taken off these drop crotch, leather legging pants since he started his tour. I'm betting he has them in every color imaginable. I'm hoping this phase will pass soon and he will go back to the casual dressed up Bieber we used to know: great hair (no hat!), jeans, sweet kicks, a blazer, and the occasional glasses. I should probably just be his stylist. Besides his current lack in fashion sense, his acoustic version of "As Long As You Love Me" was amazing. I've added it below for your enjoyment while you read.
He is totally talking to Selena in this performance. Duhhh. He will always love you girllllll. But on a serious note, is he not amazing singing acoustic?!


Lucy Hale, duo Karmin, Ashanti, Kerry Washington, Christina Aguilera, and Nicki Minaj arriving on the red carpet.
These other guys and gals didn't do much for me. Nothing was a real stand out. Lucy looked cute, but I wish she had something to spice up the dress. The black dress is a classic staple, but it was too blah for me. Even a sparkly shoe would of added something because the red blends in with the carpet too much.  Karmin and Ashanti. Hmm, I'm just not a fan of either. If Karmin wore different hair it would have been a huge difference. and AShanti, I don't know what it is about this one. I just don't like it. I would have enjoyed Kerry Washington's dress much better if it was a mini. It starts out beautiful with the yellow lace overlay, but I'm not liking the length for this event. Next, I think Christina Aguilera is just going through a rough time. I will say, this dress is 90% better then what she wears on a regular basis, but that hair... oh dear. Nicki Minaj - girl, Julie Bowen already wore this dress to the Emmy's. I mean, hey! I'd rather see her in a repeat then a goofy costume.

Ryan Seacrest, Chris Brown, and Ludacris arriving at the AMAs.

Well, I don't have much to say about these gentlemen except Ryan Seacrest definitely takes the cake for snazziness between this trio. It is nothing new seeing the other two in a leather jacket and jeans. Love Chris Brown's music, but dude, you still scare me. Go back to when you were a young and cool dancer, please.
Groups (Mostly hot guys...)

The Wanted, Lady Antebellum, No Doubt, and the
Backstreet Boys on the red carpet.

The new teen sensation, The Wanted, looked dapper in their suits. Young and gorgeous. My favorite combo. Lady Antebellum continued with their classic attire = A+. No Doubt made one of their most recent appearances since reunited in rocker/punk/classic attire. I liked how Gwen Stefani showed a little skin but didn't over do it. She looks awesome for 43 and two kids! Last, the Backstreet Boys came out in their best attire. I must admit, they have made much much better choices since the 90s! Everyone looked great in this category. Very sleek and put together. See Justin... why can't you just put on a nice suit? 
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