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Fashion Focus Chicago 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

In honor of the eight annual Fashion Focus Chicago, I thought I would celebrate by highlighting some extremely talented Chicago designers. Fashion Focus Chicago is a week long event showcasing the up and coming fashion industry and designers with a series of runway shows in Millennium Park along with several other events in the city. This years theme was "You saw it on the runway, now buy it." If you head to the main site, there are listings and links to each designers web site as well as information on how to obtain each item.

A fun fact about Chicago via Fashion Focus Chicago online is, "The City of Chicago is home to more than 400 local designers and 300 independent boutiques." With all of this talent, you better believe Chicago is the next hot spot for designers to thrive. 

Lara Miller
A few Fall 2012 designs from Lara Miller. I am in love with the color pallet and the second from left sweater!
Last fall, I was lucky to be able to volunteer behind the scenes of the Art of Fashion 2011 fashion show where Lara was showcasing several designs. I was even luckier to be able to meet her. She has such a great spirit and positive attitude about her and her clothes are amazing. Her designs span worldwide in places like Japan, Australia, and the UK and has been featured in popular magazines like Elle, Lucky Magazine, Vanity Fair, and W.  One of the most unique things about her line is her "green" lifestyle. She states, "My designs come from a hybrid of hand-pattern making and draping. This process allows me to re-use old patterns and scrap material from previous productions as I develop my future collections." This is just one way that Miller is showing her sustability and if you are interested in learning more please head over to her website here. Not only does she help our environment, but her clothes can be worn several different way and the colors bright and rich in color to go with anything. The versatility of her designs help make the ordinary outfit extraordinary.

Anna Hovet
A few items from Anna Hovet's fall 2012 collection. I need to get my hand on one of these comfy looking sweatshirts!

Anna was born in North Dakota, but moved to Chicago to attend school at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. She has worked for Ecko, Target, and Calvin Klein but since 2009 has owned her own business, Anna Hovet Designs. Her designs include "jersey dresses, cozy sweatshirts, and beautifully draped outerwear." Anna does a great job catering especially well to young adults who enjoy a bit of flare added to their wardrobe.

A few of my favorites pieces off of (please excuse the grainy pictures..ehh)

RUCH originated in 2010 by designer Ruchika Singh. Her line consists of women's clothing, in particular women's cocktail dresses. She was inspired at a young age from watching her mothering in action for nearly two decades before. "Ruchika believes that luxury should not be the privilege of a few but an experience for all," via RUCH Designs. As I have seen first hand, the craftsman ship and design of each dress is wonderfully made. She does a great job incorporating many colors and cuts into one classic design. 

Borris Powell
One of my favorite Borris Poweel gowns.
The gown that won him the Oscar Design Challenge
in 2011.

Borris Powell moved from Alabama to Chicago in 1997 to start his career in fashion. I also had the change to see Powell's designs up close and personal at the Art of Fashion 2011. His gowns are especially beautiful and you can tell the amount of time and effort it took to make each piece is worth it. He strives to focus on the client and what she needs to make her look beautiful. What girl doesn't want this?! Powell won the Oscar Design Challenge in 2011 where one of the Award escorts wore his design. He continues to produce beautiful clothing with a great story behind each season. Unfortunately, it was hard for me to find individual pictures from his most recent collect, so I thought I'd at least put in a few notable pieces! One the Art of Fashion 2012 photos are out, there will be plenty to see!


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