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Trend to Love/DIY: Denim Cut Offs

Thursday, August 30, 2012

If you need to know one thing about me, it's that I like my deals. I never go to Michaels with out a coupon, I rarely go to Starbucks with out a gift card (yes, it's a deal....) and I hate shopping when there aren't any sales! Because let's face it, you know they will mark that adorable shirt down in 4 days anyway. So I couldn't resist the temptation to hop on the - Goodwill  mom jeans to denim cutoffs- bandwagon and take home a pair of high waisted 1990s jeans. Guess the best part about it? They were only $4! For the next two days, I slaved over those jeans and made them into some distressed high waisted jean shorts. 

Unfortunately, I don't have step by step picture instructions on how to make the jeans, but I can give you a few tips on what to do if you decided to cut your own.
- Find a pair of jeans that actually fits you all around.
- Don't cut off too much to start. You can always make them shorter but it won't grow back.
- When you cut them, make the booty side a bit longer so it covers up anything back there.
- Take you time when you distress them! I sat there for hours to get the perfect rip, and that is o.k, just don't rush or you will make huge holes. I suggest using scissors or a cheese grader.
- Don't over due it on the cutting and distressing.
- Finally, sew a stitch close to where you cut off so that when you wash them they don't keep unraveling. If you don't do this, the shorts will get shorter, and shorter and shorter over time.

Below I made a trend board for you to look at if you are interested in making or buying a pair of cut offs and don't know how to style them. Because there are so many color and pattern choices, I can guarantee there is a pair for every personal style. Enjoy!

How will you style your cut offs?

These are just a few items you could pair with your denim shorts. Those lovely legs on the left show how to make cut offs last into fall. If you have a solid pair of denim shorts, don't be afraid to try pattern leggings as a statement piece instead of graphic tee. If that look isn't for you, pair it with a blazer and graphic tee and some cute closed toe flats or even just a plain tee with a infinity scarf. As always, with basic items like this, they can be styled hundreds of ways.


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