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Fashion in Fotographs: My Spring Staples

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
I know I like to look at pictures more than I like to read text. So I decided I am going to try and incorporate similar things to the picture I posted below. Here is a little idea I picked up from a wonderful blog called Who What Wear. I definitely recommend taking a look at everything on their site. It incorporates fashion, beauty, and celebrities to make a great mix. I think this will become a lot of fun and I can't wait to Photoshop even more! I also think this will help me update regularly because I won't have to write a huge long post, rather a picture and a few words.

If you have thoughts on this let me know. Want to see more pictures? Want more text? Want more of another topic? You tell me!

Here are some of my Spring necessities (and wants), enjoy!

P.S. You all need to look up Rent the Runway right now. They have designer dresses to rent for 4-8 days. Even better, you get a back up size and they are always offering discounts! They have everything from dresses to accessories. You can sign up for free! DO IT, please.. :)

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