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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
If you were wondering if I fell of the planet, no worries, I am still here! I have been super busy this semester, but I am really trying to get back on track for the last half. Now, on to the good stuff... New York Fashion Week 2012. Unfortunately, I missed any chance of getting ahead of the game and posting my favorite collections on here early. This is a little bit more of a recap. Take a look at my favorite five  collections from New York Fashion Week - The Fabulous 5

#5 Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci encorporates hard with soft in his Fall 2012 collection. Peter Dundas created the perfect middle by mixing mensear with detailed cuts to add an edgy girl effect. He starts in the dark by exploring blacks - the little black dress with a twist. Then, he transitions into baby blue, nude, and back to black. With a mix of the sheer nude fabric and baby blue with black fur, you can't go wrong. The crisp white tuexedo jacket with black trim is my fall obsession. Anything with crisp and clean lines is top in my book. My favorite out of the four above is the second - the light blue dress that has sheer fabric and glitz!

#4 Oscar de la Renta

You had to have guessed Mr. de la Renta would be one of my top 5! He is just too fabulous. I must say, a few pieces of this line reminded me of Celia Foote from The Help. The skirt that hits right above the knee, 3/4 length sparkly top, and cute little headband to pull it all together is something I see Celia in, especially in pink (referring to the second outfit). This collection was all about encorporating big, blinged out, patterns. The more lace, the better. Oscar reminds us fashion is supposed to be fun. Whether it means going over the top by adding lace on lace on lace, or just the simple tiare to make it the perfect ballerina dress. Whatever the case, you can count on Oscar to keep us grounded in all that is exciting.

#3 Iceberg

My favorite part of this collection is the use of color. The bright yellow, green, and blue make this so much more appealing to the eye. Each look is a bit disheveled, but you can still see the quality that went into making each item. The use of leather and fur is brilliant. I say I would never wear letter pants, but when looking at this collection, I think I might just have to find some! Overall, my favorite out of the four above is the dress. I love the fun pattern and the long sleeves. But mostly, I just can't get over the use of color! If you think you like what Iceberg offers, you should look at the Spring 2012 slideshow too! P.S. I kind of cheated... this is from Milan Fashion Week. oops!

#2 Burberry Prorsum

I am completly head over heels for this collection. It was almost my number one. This collection created an ephasis on the hips (which I love, yaya hips!) and incoporated lots of rich color, heavy fabric, and adorable bows. It tries to take us back to the Victorian era with tweed, shruken jackets, and ruffles, but suddenly snaps back with the strong use of gold zippers. I am in love with the use of color and the velvet jacket on the far right is unbelievable. The quilting, the tights, the fabric, the belt - all of it is great! Everything gets better when every model carries a plastic umbrella to stop the plastic raindrops from raining on their finale parade! Please go look this collection up.... now!

and my top favorite collection from New York Fashion Week 2012 is.... (drum role please!)

#1 Kate Spade

This collection is probably so great because we share the same first name, duhhh. (okay kidding- sorry, bad joke) Anywayssss, I love this! The colors are so bold and bright and the models all look wonderful with their sleek bangs. Anther reason I think that I love it so much is because these are clothing items I can actually wear with out walking on a runway. Each item is very youthful and playful. The patterns and colors create for an even more exciting outfit. With a little help from Bravo reality star, Brad Goreski, Kate Spade was able to achiever her French inspired collection.

I hope you all enjoyed my little recap and sorry it has taken me so long to write a post!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Burberry can do no wrong!! Love it. And Kate Spade-- what a perfect, pretty little collection they had. Great choices!