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Late Emmy's Wrap Up

Monday, October 10, 2011
Now don't get confused, the Emmy's were ages ago, but I saved all of these pictures and figured I should put up a post about them anyways because I like looking at all the fancy trends. FYI - this may end up being a long post explaining my love for every dress.
A brief summary to explain what the Emmy Awards are: they celebrate excellence in national primetime programming (a.k.a T.V. shows), awarding top honors at the annual creative arts and primetime awards ceremonies. (definition from the official Emmy Award site)This was the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. As far as I know, the Emmy's are usually held at this location. Several of the categories include lead actor/actress and supporting actor/actress in a comedy series, lead actor/actress and supporting actor/actress in a drama series, lead comedy series, and lead reality competition program. There are several others besides these few categories.
Now on to the fashion!!

Red Hot
Red was a huge hit for this years Emmy Awards. I really like all of these dresses and I think they look great on each body type. This color accentuates their curves in all of the right places. Not only the color, but the style they chose for each body type is on target as well. My favorite out of all three is Lea Michele on the right.

Katie Winslet (Mildred Pierce), Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries), Lea Michelle (Glee)

Deep Plunge
This has to be my favorite trend of the night. Having the perfect bodies to wear this also helps! I can't say I am in love with any of the dresses in particular, but I do like the idea of a deep v with out being so utterly revealing. If it isn't done the right way, things can definitely get ugly. eek! My favorite out of all three is Kristen Wiigs dress, but I would prefer it in Emily Blunt's color.

Kristin Wiig (Saturday Night Live), Emily Blunt, Heather Morris (Glee)

Pretty Pastels 
Oh this might just have to be another one of my favorite categories. But then again I am really only putting up the categories I love most :). These ladies look stunning. The color choice is perfect for their skin tones and I like how there is sparkle, but it isn't over done. I can't pick a favorite out of these three, I would wear them all! (along with every other dress on this page!)

Eva La Rue (CSI: Miami), Julia Stiles (Dexter), Cat Deeley (Host of So You Think You Can Dance?)

Snow White
What is better then being able to pull of a crisp, clean white dress? The skin tone really does matter when choosing white. You never want to wear something that washes you out. Aubrey's looks is about as light of a skin tone you can get with white. Jane has a darker complexion, but her dress has more of a silver tint to it causing it to look darker. Over all, my favorite dress out of all three is Maria Bello, but I wish she did something different with her hair.

Jane Krakowski (30 Rock),  Maria Bello (Prime Suspect), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation)

One Shoulder
This trend has been around for a while not and I don't know if it will ever entirely fade out. This is great for any body type and seems to draw the eye because of the asymmetric trait. It can also be paired with an empire waste, which is also great for most bodies. (Unless you have very large boobs, I don't suggest making that the entire focus) My favorite of all three would have to be a close tie between Ellie and Sarah. If there is a dress with sparkles - I'm on it. I love nude/light tone. If it was in any other color, I don't think it would be my favorite. I also really like Sarah's dress because the coral is subtle but fresh and the use of a sparkle belt was the perfect choice. I thought Sofia had a beautiful dress as well, but I wish she would try something new. She seems to always wear form fitting dresses. Yes, she has the body for it, but I think she should try for the element of surprise.

Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Ellie Kemper (The Office), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family)
Glitz and Glam
Just incase you didn't get a chance to read the first five categories, I will say it again: I love sparkle. (This really should of been my first category!) There really isn't too much to say about the glitz. I think these ladies did a nice job of not getting gaudy with the sparkle. Sometimes it can be too much if it is a really out there pattern. Claire has a different pattern, but I think she was able to putt it off because the dress it self was very simple. Blue was another dominating color at the Emmy's this year. I also like howJulie combined this element with the deep v. My favorite out of all three was Evan Rachel Woods. I love the black, sparkle, cap sleeve, and train. It was made into looking very classic.

Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Claire Danes (Homeland), Evan Rachel Wood (Mildred Pierce)

Time for the Boys
These gentermen were definitely looking handsome in their suits. It is hard to say much about them except for that I believe all men should wear a simple black suit, white shirt, and either a bow tie or a subtle long tie. Oh, and a pocket square never hurts! Didn't really have a  favorite here, they were all pretty close for first!

Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), Darren Criss (Glee), Chris Colfer (Glee)

Cutest Couples
I figured I would throw in a few more dresses and suits so you could see how adorable the best dressed couples really are! Everyone looks great except Seal - I'm sorry but I would like it much better if he just buttoned his lovely shirt.

Heidi Klum (Project Runway host) and Seal, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), John Krasinski (The Office) and Emily Blunt

Worst Dressed
I think the title sums it up. This is what you shouldn't wear to the Emmy's.

Paz De La Huerta (Boardwalk Empire), Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Alan Cumming (The Good Wife)

Other Pretties
These are just a few others I figured I would add to the collection of pictures. Long sleeves, strapless, and crop top? Yet again Gwyneth is able to pull off a different style. It gives off an indie vibe, yet it still is dressy enough. I don't know if I like the pattern, but I still think she pulled it off well. I really like Minka's dress. That color is so pretty and I think the use of lace on the sleeve is great. You can't really go wrong with a dress like Rashida's either. The style is classic and the color is just enough. However, I think she could of spiced it up more with jewelry or even a different color all together.

Minka Kelly (Charlie's Angles), Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation), Gwyneth Paltrow (Glee)

Now that you have had a look at a handful of stars from the evening, is there any style or trend you are itching to try? Or how about just some of your favorites from the Emmy's? Well either way hopefully this was a fun review and keep a look out to see if these trends continue in the Academy Awards which are set to air in February. 

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