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The Ballerina Bun

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Let's have a little chat slash blog post about the ballerina bun, a.k.a the Top Knot. This is definitely my favorite fashion trend at the moment. It is perfect for when you are just lying around, going to class, or getting fancy for a night out. Lets not forget about those days when we decide to be lazy and not shower (its not like I do that or anything...) - you are now saved by the one and only Top Knot. 

I love her bun and how artsy this picture is. Red lips, sunglasses, and
 bun - she is just rocking it! (I'll keep searching for the source of the pic!)

There isn't too much history to discuss over the bun. I believe it was originally derived from dancers/ballerinas. Most ballerinas are required to wear their hair slick back and out of their face to prevent any issues when dancing. Not only does it help keep the hair out of your face, but when they are performing it keeps the dancers looking uniform and professional on stage. 

Here are some great ways to incorporate the bun into your wardrobe:

I really like all of these looks, especially the middle and right as we approach fall. These are just a few ways to make the bun casual (left) or semi dressy (middle and right). The navy blazer and trench coat look fab!

Just a few celebrities who have been known to wear a bun. Trust me there are a billion other celebs who have worn this style if you are looking for another version! :

Shay Mitchell, Whitney Port, and Vanessa Hudgens are all sporting the lovely ballerina bun. Whitney even braided the part of her hair that wraps into the bun. Just a fun suggestion!

A few others for enjoyment :)

Used on the runway for Donna Karan.
Lauren Conrad on the cover of her book Lauren Conrad Style.
I love everything about this picture. The lighting, the bike,
 her clothes, and her bun. They go so great togther.

P.S.  Yes, this is the same girl from above.
I also added a tutorial by Whitney Port's hair stylist incase anyone in interested in learning how to do the Top Knot/Ballerina Bun look themselves. There are several different ways to do it, but this is just one!

Katie :)
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