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August Feature: Emma Stone

Thursday, August 25, 2011
I apologize for anyone who actually reads this. Lets face it, I'm a new blogger so I'm sure no one really looks at this - yet. It feels like ages since I have blogged and I promise I am going to try and keep up a lot better for the people who actually read it!
So on to the important stuff - this blog post. I decided to do a feature of the month. I'll pick someone who is an actress, actor, artist, ect.- A.K.A anyone who I like as a celebrity or someone who has a lot going for them at the moment. Oh, and I will make sure it is not practically the end of the month (like it is now, oops!) when I get around to posting this section.

And this months feature is....

Emma Stone
From the September 2011 issue of Teen Vogue.
Not only is Emma absolutely and stunningly beautiful, but she is a great actress and role model. Some of her memorable move roles are Jules in Superbad and Olive in Easy A. Her most recent roles include Kayla in Friends with Benefits, Hannah in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Skeeter in The Help, and lets not forget about her in The Amazing Spider-man coming out in 2012.

  The Help                                                                                                    Easy A
All of the above movies are further refined into categories like comedy, drama, or action. This is what strikes me the most about Emma. How she can be so versatile with in her career. The movie that has rewarded her most was Easy A in which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. I am sure she will be recognized in some way for her role in The Help, which was just released. Now, I can't lie, I have never read or saw The Help, but I have heard fabulous reviews over both the book and movie and have no doubt that Emma will be able to pull a job well done once again. It is officially safe to say, Emma dropping out of school at age 15 has certainly paid off.

 From the July 2011 issue of Elle.                              From the May 2011 issue of Glamour.

Not only is Emma versatile with her acting career but also her modeling (by modeling I mean magazine covers and features). She can come off very high fashion or sweet as pie. My two favorites spreads of her are from Elle magazine and Glamour. The pictures above are just a taste of how stunning she is in each. Do I dare mention how awesome it must be to be able to look great with any hair color? Her natural color is actually blond, but she was first approached to go red for her part in Superbad. I am betting you didn't know that one! (Because I didn't until just recently...)

Right: Vanity Fair August 2011 - I love love love both of these!

 Just another fun fact about Emma are her ties to music. In the past, she has been romantically linked to singer Teddy Geiger and close friends to country singer Taylor Swift. Emma took a swing at singing for the movie The House Bunny with a cover of "I Know What Boys Want" by The Waitresses. She was also a part of the play The Wiz when she was younger. Along side Emma was Jordan Sparks, a previous American Idol winner. Interesting eh?

Emma Stone definitely has a promising up and coming future and I know that I can not wait to see what great things she will be doing next! 

I will continue to work on this section and what things I will write about the feature star. Hopefully this one wasn't too boring. I figured a section like this is just fun to see what some stars are up to lately! Oh! and the pictures, I'll work on sizing those and such.

Katie :)
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