So This Is Where I Begin

So this is where I begin. I've decided to start a blog on the latest with in fashion. It might not be "next day" material, but I'll do my best to make sure it is current. I enjoy keeping up to date with fashion trends and the celebrity must haves. I will focus mostly on the U.S while trying to integrate foreign aspects as well. I can't wait to keep ya'll posted and up to date! :)

And why am I writing this fashion blog? I have been thinking about this blog for a couple months now, but was stuck on what to call it. Hope you all like the name! But first off, one thing you should know about me is, I am not a writer. So sorry ahead of time if my grammer and such is a little off! I'll try my very best! But anyways, on to the important topic here: fashion. I love it. I wish I was rich so I could buy everything that I see through these eyes of mine. I love reading up on the latest trends and seeing who is wearing what to which event. Did I mention I'm a big celebrity watch fan? Well I am. E!News is not only great for the celeb action, but the fashion too. Don't be surprised if you see more than fashion!

Another love of mine is photography. My dream job would be to combine both fashion and photography and be a part of fashion shoots. Its great to be on the other side of the camera and seeing the finishing product turn out so crisp and clean. (Especially when using film!) Translating what you see into a print photograph is such a reward.

I can only hope that ya'll will bare with me as I start my new blogging adventure. I look forward to posting lots and hearing from everyone, good or bad (I prefer good of course!). Tell you friends, tell you family, cus this blogs about to get started!

Katie :)

A very special shout out to one of my best friends for helping me with all of my blogging troubles, Ms. Raquel! Check out her beautiful blog here!

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  1. I'm so excited for your blog! We will have great blogging adventures together (and it'll help that we are roommates!). Thanks for the link too-- I'll be sure to link back to your blog on my next post. Good luck Miss Little Black Blog! xx