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Little Black Dress Approved

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
       The Little Black Dress was invented by designer Coco Chanel. She wanted to create an everlasting style that would be versatile and affordable. Since my blog title is closely related to the Little Black Dress, I decided to show you ways to wear the LBD for work, day time, night time, or even a wedding.
       I recently discovered the site Polyvore which lets you pick out clothes and create full outfits. This is where I made all of my sets. Warning: majority of the pieces in each set are highly expensive. So I suggest using these as a guide for when you plan to go shopping for the perfect LBD! I do have to admit, I didn't own a LBD until this summer. Shhh! But now that I have made all these fun sets - I know I will certainly be keeping an eye out for more accessories to go with my very own LBD!
 Work: When you are searching for a LBD that is work appropriate, make sure to look at the length of the dress and coverage. A strapless, tight fitting, mini dress is not appropriate for work. Because it is hard to spice up an outfit for work without going overboard, look for hints of color in pattern in the accessories. I chose to use a skinny green belt so it is not overpowering to the eye. Plus, it cinches in the waist for a slim look. I also paired it with cheetah shoes for a fun addition, but still keeping it work appropriate with a closed toe. Remember to keep jewelry simple. You don't want to be distracted by annoying bracelets or long necklaces. All you need is a nice watch and some studs for earrings. Oh! and the purse - shoot for something big and neutral to match all your work outfits so it can be used more than once!
Day: When choosing a dress for day time, I was looking for something light weight and flowy. Nothing fits those qualities quite like a maxi dress! I wanted to accessorize this day time look in a more natural way utilizing the tribal patterns in season. The best shoe for a maxi dress is a wedge becasue of the height. This wedge has a fun pattern to add more color to the LBD. I chose a bright purse as another accent to match with the shoes (becasue who doesn't want to show off awesome wedges like that?) and a cross body style allowing for comfy access. The long feather necklace and bright earrings tie together the outfit for a natural and comfy day time look.

Night: When trying to put together a LBD look for a night out, now is the time to buy something short and fun. This is great use for a mini or even one with cut outs. But remember, if you chose to wear something tighter - make sure it fits correctly. I'm sorry, but I don't want to see every angle and every crease in your body. That is not O.K. For the shoes, I chose a bright pink pump. Fun and sexy. Next, I paired it with gold jewelry and a patterned purse (but not too crazy to over power the awesome shoes). I don't have much else to say for a night time look becasue this is where you can really use your personal style and decide how dressy you want to get. As long as you keep it classy and fun with some sexiness, you'll be looking great!

LBD Wedding 
Wedding: Who says you can't wear black to a wedding? The number one rule for weddings is - don't over stage the bride. It is her day, not yours. Now that we all understand that, look for a sophisticated approach to wearing the LBD. I chose a shorter (but not too short for dancing!), long sleeve dress. The long sleeves and the scoop neckline give the dress a sleek and clean look, allowing the use of fun accessories. The reason I chose the glitter oxfords was to add some sparkle to the outfit, but still keeping it casual to not over power it as a whole. A small heel or none, like the oxfords, allows for maximum dancing. I picked the orange and blue tones to make the outfit pop! Like I've said before, the best way to add color to an outfit is through the accessories. Not to mention, this clutch is the perfect size in case you end up holding it all evening. Lastly, I brought in a hair piece. It adds a soft touch without bringing in another color.

With all these hints you won't be thinking twice about wearing your LBD! Need help making use of a LBD for a different event? Leave me a comment and I would love to help out :)

Katie :)

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