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A Rosey Summer Cocktail

Monday, May 22, 2017

There's nothing more refreshing than enjoying a tasty cocktail during the summer heat. Yes, I'm aware that Chicago hasn't had much "summer heat" yet, but I'm hopeful! Two of my favorite ingredients that I always look for on the menu include gin and grapefruit, so I knew once I tasted the Chloe Wine Collection's Rosé that I had to make this cocktail combination a thing. Besides, we could all use a little happy hour motivation on a Monday morning, right?

If you're not familiar, Chloe wines are based in Northern California and named after the ancient word meaning "blooming." How lovely is that? The wines are blossoming with beautiful aromas and luxurious flavors. I first heard about that last summer when they had their Chicago in White event in August. It looked gorgeous - hope to snag a ticket this year :)

I've included all of the simply measurements and ingredients below. If you're feeling fancy, you can even make this cocktail in frozen form aka grab the blender and get moving!

Commit to Something with Equinox

Friday, May 19, 2017

I have some exciting news! I'm so pumped to share I have started working with Equinox as a Chicago ambassador. If you aren't familiar, Equinox is a luxury fitness company in the US and Canada. At the beginning of the year, they launched their Commit to Something campaign as an intimate, provocative and deeply moving exploration of personal identity. So, I'm joining them in the spirit of all things commitment.

Let me first preface the rest of this post by saying, I'm not one to write about body image unless it's positive and uplifting. So, if you're looking for diet tips, how to be skinny or any other way to slim down.. please do not follow my blog because you will never find that here.

Your Best Faux Floral Arrangement Yet

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
This post was sponsored by Pier 1. However, all thoughts, jokes and opinions are my own J Thanks for stopping by and keeping the Little Black Blog up and running!

Living in a studio, I don’t have the chance to liven up my space much. When I do, I have to get creative with how I can use every ounce of an empty area. As I’m getting prepped to move in to my new apartment (with 2 roomies this time!), I’ve been searching high and low for easy, fun and affordable décor ideas that will carry over to my new space.

First on my list – adding some pretty florals and greenery. I tried my darn-est to do the whole succulent thing and guess what happened? The little guys still died even when it required zero attention. So, for I decided to go on a hunt for artificial flowers, stems and sprays from the Pier 1 flower shop to create what I’m calling my best faux floral arrangement yet. Let me tell you, they had so much to choose from! Make sure to check out their amazing selection here for your own arrangement.

Let's Chat Vol. 4 + Yoga Event

Monday, May 15, 2017

What a weekend, am I right? Ya'll I'm just trying to keep up over here! Having beautiful weather in the city made me want the weekend to never end. Something about that sunshine just makes everyone so darn happy. So, let's make more sunshine, friends! Anyways, I've rounded up a couple of the exciting things that have been happening in my life the past few weeks and especially this past weekend. Read on to get all the deets on my new fitness partnership and a free yoga event with the same brand this Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Friday, May 5, 2017

I love a good excuse to celebrate - especially when it involves guacamole! A few weeks ago Sarah, Maya, Jennie, Randi and I all got together to have a little fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. It was the perfect time to put our margarita making skills to the test... or should I say Sarah's margarita making skills :) If I had to pick a favorite cocktail, it would most likely be between a tasty Margarita or a Moscow Mule. Both are refreshing and oh so delicious.

With the help of Sarah's master mixologist skills, I've included a little margarita recipe if you're interested in making up your own this weekend. If you're celebrating the Kentucky Derby too, you can even add a little margarita table to do some double duty on the festivities! Who can turn down a margarita and a mint julep?